Farm Fortress

  • Description
    • Addictive massive multiplayer action and farming with a tower defence flavour! Raid other players to build, upgrade and protect your own Farm Fortress.
  • Instructions
    • Farm Fortress is an ongoing quest for global glory. You can play against other real players or on your own.

      Defend your establishment from other players and never ending enemy waves by building walls and placing
      different kind of turrets. But don't forget to upgrade them!

      Any plants you have will grow even when you're not playing the game. Harvest these and get easy money on each return to your fortress.

      You can meet other players everywhere in the game, either they come to your fortress while you play or you stumble upon a fort with the owner playing.

      If you just want a good skill based fight, the arena is the place to be. Invite others as allies to get help with defence and regular harvest.

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