Hirake Ponkikki

  • Description
    • Hirake Ponkikki is based on a Japanese Television show about a Sports addict Dinosaur name Gachapin and his Yeti friend Mukku.

      Together they go on adventures full of fun and enjoyment.

      Play trough 5 Islands of mini-games in increasing difficulty in order to unlock the attraction on the Island and gather as many fruits as you can!

      There are 5 different mini games, diverting from platform to car driving to shape matching puzzles.
  • Instructions
    • There are 5 different mini games on each island with increasing difficulty on each completion

      Auto Scrolling Platform stage require jumping and avoiding obstacles.
      Jump with Shift and Shoot obstacles with Ctrl and travel to the end point of the stage.
      Try to collect as many fruits as possible

      Speed up with Ctrl and try to collect as many fruits and fuel and avoid traffic cones on your way

      Defeat all the round ball creatures by shooting them with Ctrl and then Jumping on them with Shift in order to knock them on the walls of the room. Destroy as many as you can and collect all the fruits

      Halt game
      Collect all the fruits and step in the stage only when you are allowed to move. Don't let your opponent catch you after counting up to three.

      Shape Matching
      Avoid all the swine ghosts while collecting the shapes in the room, matching them to their holes and collect all the fruits they leave.

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