• Description
    • You broke the law. You’re a criminal. And now you’re on the run! But you know the drill. You’ve been busted before. If you get nabbed, it’s a direct line from the courts to the can. Going back to the can for 15-plus is not an option for you. So you have no choice. You need to run. This is Prisonhood: On The Run. You need to run. You need to jump. You need to dodge. You need to do anything to avoid capture from the boys in blue. So how far can you run before getting busted?
  • Instructions
    • • Use the arrow keys to avoid obstacles and make turns at intersections
      • Use the spacebar to jump
      • When your energy bar is full you can jump again
      • The chase meter shows how close the cops are
      • Collect Speed Boosters to evade the police
      • Collect Shield Boosters to be immune to obstacles

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