Snowball Fight

Snowball FightIn Snowball Fight two friends can engage in a snowball fight at the same computer, or one person can play against the computer.

The gameplay consist of two phases:

– the players defend by choosing a defend position; this is done by pressing one of the three buttons displayed on the screen; above these buttons there are some shadow hints on what will the button do;
– the second phase is the attack phase in which players press one of the same three buttons to choose where to aim the snowball;
After the 2 phases are done the actions starts. If one player aims at the correct position he will hit the other player. First player to hit the other one 5 times wins the game.

It’s a fun game with psychological implications, each player trying to out-think and fool the other player. Press the instructed keys to perform the defend or attack moves depicted in the little pictures above the keys.

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