What Did You Say???

What? What? I didn’t hear you??
What Did You Say???
Oh,You want to play such amazing game,which you can control the tank by your voice,or by keyboard.

You start in flag position,and must go to the smile!
Caution on the road can meet bombs (school clocks)!
This is a lot of amazing levels.
Voice detection!!(“Have fun:D”)

Lets say “What Did You Say!!!” and try to play!!!

In the options menu you can change input method:Keyboard or Microphone.
(This is a bug with back button try to press it three times)
Make your microphone settings as good as possible!!
Microphone controls:
You can say anything,but for play game there are four commands:
Say “UP”,”GO UP”,”GOTO UP” to go up.
Say “DOWN”,”GO DOWN”,”GOTO DOWN” to go down.
Say “LEFT”,”GO LEFT”,”GOTO LEFT” to go left.
Say “RIGHT”,”GO RIGHT”,”GOTO RIGHT” to go right.

KeyBoard controls:
Key W -“UP”
Key S – “DOWN”
Key A -“LEFT”
Key D -“RIGHT”

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