WSDA respectively control the left brick move up, down, right and rotation. The IKJL respectively control the right side of the bricks move up, down, left and rotation. Use R to start the game, P to pause the game, M return to the main menu, G game help.Is a variant of Tetris game, the basic rules are the same. This game on both sides will continue to appear to brick towards the line, players need to operate simultaneously left and right sides of the bricks to move, very challenging. Moving bricks collision opposite over the bricks or hit the bricks still own will still grayed out.When fill a games area still bricks (ie gray bricks), on the elimination of this column, and the left and right still bricks to move closer to the center, filled elimination. Elimination of a certain integral.Disposable elimination of the number of columns is more, the more points obtained. Every elimination of a 20-storey, brick automatic movement speed +1. And Tetris, once too many bricks not eliminate the new bricks can not be moved, the game failed.

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