Card Game 66

Card Game 6666 is a classic card game from Germany (Sechsundsechzig). The object in each deal is to be the first player to score 66 points. Point value: A:11, 10:10, K:4, Q:3, J:2, 9:0. The last trick is 10 points. A trick is taken by the highest card of the suit led that is in the trick, unless the trick contains a card from the trump suit, in which case it is taken by the highest trump card in the trick. Until the stock is gone, there is no obligation to follow suit or to trump. The winner scores the value of the two cards in the trick must remember how many points he has taken. Once the trick is played, both player get a card from the stock. The winner of the trick leads to the next trick.

The holder of the lowest trump card, the nine, can exchange it for the turned up trump. This can be done only by a player who has the lead (before he plays a card) and has won at least one trick.

On his turn when he has the lead, a player may marry a Queen-King couple of the same suit by playing one and simultaneously showing the other. Regular marriages are worth 20 card points and trump marriages are worth 40.

Once the stock is gone, with the turned up trump taken by the loser of the sixth trick, the rules of play become more strict. Players now must follow the suit led (winning the trick when possible), they must trump if they have no cards of the suit led, and marriages can no longer be played.

As soon as a player wins a trick that brings his card point total to 66 or more, he can stop the play by declaring ‘out’ and win the hand. A player also can Close: this is a commitment to reach 66 or more points and declare “out” without drawing any more cards from the stock.

The winner of each deal scores 1 or more game points. The first player whose cumulative score reaches 7 or more game points wins the game

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