3D Memory: Numbers

  • Description
    • Experimental prototype 3D game. No ordinary game! A novel 3D twist on the traditional pairs matching game. Rotate the cubes to find the matching sides. 3 Different games to play: Simple, Advanced and Time Trial. With 3D graphics the whole game Rotates!
  • Instructions
    • 3D Memory: Numbers is no ordinary game. It rotates! The novel design rotates the camera around to view games boards, help pages, high scores, credits page and more!

      There are 3 different games to play, each with 3 levels:

      Simple 3D Memory - match any side of first cube with any side of any other cube.

      Advanced 3D Memory - match all 4 sides of any cube with any four sides from any other cubes

      Time Trial - Simple 3D Memory, but against the clock

      In all 3 games, the player Levels Up when all cubes on a level have been matched or there are no more pairs.

      Shadows, Particles and Wave Effects. Many Sound Effects including countdown timer and fireworks. Complete with Mute Audio option.

      The game benefits from single mouse-click action, simple to use 3D Cubes. Credits page with waving flag logo. Embedded in a Standalone .swf. (c) File size could be reduced slightly - please ask! SM&H 2013

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