About Us

Hello and welcome to the SymULi !!

A blog that offers you ideas, recipes, tips for a healthier, simpler, greener and slower lifestyle.

Who is hiding behind the SymULi?

Twila C. Hollaway, 29 years old, interested in cooking, vegeta * ism, voluntary simplicity, literature, art, pretty things, nature walks, all that… curious about everything I like to learn and test new things.

Convinced ecologist, revolted by waste, excessive exploitation of resources and modern slavery, I began my transition to a healthier way of life and more respectful of the planet and the people who inhabit it. How? ‘Or’ What? by eating organic, local and seasonal produce as much as possible, gradually reducing my consumption of meat and dairy products, reducing my waste, consuming in a more reasoned and more informed way … because ideas are good, but the acts is better!

Of course, I still have a long way to go… not always easy to find real alternatives and to change your little habits, isn’t it? 😉

What is the SymULi?
A container of Syphonic Healthy Life and Beauty. and you can tell me

SymULi Addict

Well my sprout is almost that … the container imagine that it is this blog and the seeds are recipes, ideas and tips and tricks swarmed in my tickets to water, light, in short everything that makes the seeds turn into pretty little sprouts and well it depends on you ;-).

I hope through this blog to be able to help, exchange and learn with people who share the same lifestyle or who aspire to it so do not hesitate to leave me your comments.

SymULi serves as a logbook which I will feed as I progress and discover my approach to reducing my ecological footprint.

You will find there different headings:

Eat : on the menu easy vegetarian and vegan recipes, tested and approved, and information to eat better.

Take care of yourself : advice and tests for slow, natural and inexpensive health and beauty.

Living practical : green tips and tricks to maintain your home and reduce your waste.

Create : creative ideas for fun, decorating your home, making gifts, with natural and / or recycled materials.

Think : useful books, my favorites, and quotes to ponder.

If you are interested in my blog, want to collaborate, share, make a suggestion or just chat, don’t hesitate to contact me!