Cut The Rope: Time Travel

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Cut The Rope: Time Travel is basically the same as the previous series. You have to feed our cute Om Nom characters with candy. But this time Om Nom is sucked by a time machine so he returns to the past and meets with his ancestors (maybe) and this causes you to have to feed 2 Om Nom in each level. If one does not get the candy then the level will not be finished.

One of the most different from the previous series is this time you will play more with the name of accuracy. If mostly you only need to cut the correct rope before, this time the time element is more used than the previous series.

In Time Travel there are two main features which I think are quite important, the first is the time freeze feature where you can stop time and the second is a new rope in the form of a chain where this chain cannot be cut with finger swipes but with a serrated cutter provided in the game this. These two new features make the gameplay more different and deeper than the previous version.

For example, sometimes you have to let the candy swing in the direction of the thorn, and at the last moment you press the freeze button then cut the rope, once the freeze button is pressed again the candy will fall directly below Om Nom and not crash into the thorn. In addition to these two features there are also many other features such as bombs that can explode when in contact with other objects.

Cut The Rope: Time Travel as before still has a good learning curve where you will be introduced to new things as you play. The design level is also quite good, not too difficult but also not too easy. The smart 3 star system makes this game anyone can play. If you are a casual player then you don’t need to worry about how to get 3 stars, but if you are a midcore type of gamer then to get 3 stars in each level is a challenge. Sometimes these stars are located in places that at first glance are impossible to reach, but certainly can be done.

Cut The Rope: Time Travel has 6 worlds with 15 levels in each world so that in total you will get 90 levels. A number that is actually quite a lot.


Cut The Rope has simple graphics but is very good and nice to look at. The use of glossy elements makes anyone who plays at home linger. What’s more with the super cute Om Nom character. There are no comments at all about the presentation, ranging from graphics, sound and controls everything works very well.

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