• HEART CRISIS: Initial diagnostic error in 1 out of 3 cases
    Heart Attack,  Hypertention

    Heart Crisis with Initial Diagnostic Error in 1 out of 3 Cases: Need New Diagnostic Method

    One out of 3 heart attacks misdiagnosed is the finding of this British study. Errors mainly performed in heart failure patients over the age of 80 due to atypical test results and in female patients. Conclusions presented in the European Heart Journal which should recall specific symptoms in women, less known and recognized, which sometimes lead to slower management. Still involved, the progression in women of smoking, obesity and diabetes . The authors recall the 2 main types of heart attack: the “classic” heart attack, myocardial infarction with elevation of the ST or STEMI segment and myocardial infarction without elevation of the ST or NSTEMI segment. In this second type,…