Foods That Boost Immunity
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Foods That Boost Immunity

Going through winter without catching a cold or, more seriously, the flu, involves having a healthy lifestyle and consuming foods that strengthen immunity.

What are they ?

The kiwi

In the category of fruits rich in vitamin C, the kiwi is on the podium! A single kiwi fruit covers the daily needs of the body for this precious vitamin, which increases the absorption of iron. And there are French kiwis! This avoids buying fruit that has traveled …

The grenade

This fruit is full of antioxidant compounds (tannins, anthocyanins …), and is recognized for its antibacterial and antiviral properties. Studies have shown its protective effects on the heart and the brain.

Pomegranate would also have an “anti-cancer” effect because of its ellagic acid content which would have an effect against the formation of new blood and therefore the proliferation of cancer cells.

The lemon

Rich in flavonoids, lemon protects cells from free radicals that weaken our body and cause inflammation. A lemon fillet on the salad, on the fish, in the vinaigrette… You can eat it easily, and without heating it too much to preserve its vitamins.


The honey is part of the “grandmothers recipes” and it’s not for nothing! Its concentration of trace elements, vitamins and polyphenols makes it effective in ENT infections and sore throats. The varieties of thyme and lavender would be the most active in this sense. So a small toast of honey is rather good in winter!

The cabbage

Cabbage doesn’t just go into soup! It is a superfood, especially leafy cabbage, rich in carotenoids and vitamin C. Kale, kale, Brussels sprout … they all have interesting properties with specific compositions. Varying the cabbage species is the best way to take full advantage of it!


Garlic is the champion of anti-microbes! It boosts the immune system thanks to the organosulfur compounds it contains. A kind of natural antibiotic, it attacks bad bacteria while helping to keep good bacteria, especially in the intestine. The ideal is not to overheat the garlic, in order to preserve its properties.

It exists in the form of food supplements .


Particularly concentrated in trace elements, the oyster is one of the foods that contains the most zinc – very useful against infections. It also contains copper.

White and green tea

These two types of tea – green tea and white tea – have the characteristic of having weakly oxidized tea leaves, compared to black tea, the leaves of which are completely oxidized. They contain polyphenols including the famous catechins. These compounds with strong antioxidant power contribute to good immunity.


And of course, all the foods that provide good fiber and nourish the good bacteria of the intestinal microbiota – prebiotics – are to be included in the menus; chicory, endives, sourdough bread … Because who says healthy microbiota says good immunity!

Prebiotics can also be taken as a cure in the form of food supplements , sometimes combined with probiotics.

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