Recipes for Type 2 Diabetic: What to Eat for a Week?

Recipes for Type 2 Diabetic: What to Eat for a Week?

People who suffer from diabetes are always looking for delicious and appreciated recipes but at the same time balanced and adapted to their needs.

We now offer you a set of recipes for type 2 diabetics to help these people meet their nutritional needs while respecting the rules imposed on them.

Recipes for type 2 diabetics: breakfasts
The diabetic person should pay particular attention to breakfast. As it is the first main dish of the day, the latter must be well varied and balanced especially if the diabetic consumes a medication for diabetes . Here are examples of foods that can be included in a diabetic menu for a week:

A dairy product: a glass of semi-skimmed milk or a milk derivative such as cheese or yogurt because you have to have a source of calcium.

A cereal product: such as wholemeal bread or corn flakes or a cereal-based cookie because these contain complex sugars that help prevent hypoglycemia.

A fruit juice or a whole fruit to cover its dietary fiber and also vitamin requirements.

An egg or a small piece of cheese (gruyère or emmental …) for protein and fat.

Don’t forget to drink a glass of water with breakfast!
Low sugar jams, light sesame pastes, sugar-free cakes are also sold in supermarkets and are specially intended for people with diabetes. Remember to taste them!

Recipes for type 2 diabetics: starters

Zucchini fritters: it is a very delicious dish but at the same time light which can be presented as a starter in a diet for diabetic type 2. Zucchini fritters contain a minimal amount of carbohydrates but a lot of proteins and fibers.

Stuffed tomatoes: very few carbohydrates, but an impeccable taste! For the stuffing, it is possible to add tuna, cooked eggs, parsley and olive oil.

Salads: salads do not usually contain a lot of carbohydrates so you can eat plenty. Indeed, there are several types of salad recommended for people with diabetes. We give you the following examples: fresh salads with salmon and citrus, green salads with lettuce and tomatoes, tuna and chickpea salad, mushroom, tomato and Roquefort salad…

Tabbouleh: it is an oriental dish which is prepared with parsley and bulgur. It is highly recommended to introduce tabbouleh into the diet for type 2 diabetics because this dish allows the diabetic to have his recommended daily ration of vegetables.
Recipes for type 2 diabetics: some examples of main dishes
Gratin with vegetables and goat cheese: this dish contains a lot of vegetables and starchy foods and above all very little fat.

Rabbit with olives, capers and mushrooms: the rabbit is suitable for type 2 diabetes. You can bake it in the oven or do it with mustard, but it is also possible to cook the rabbit with olives, capers and mushrooms. A delicious and balanced dish!

Vegetarian pizza: can be prepared with zucchini, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, olives, tomato sauce and basil. It is a real delight for diabetics!

Lentil and spinach soup: rich in iron, vitamins and fiber.

Carrot cream soup: a delicious cream soup that covers your vitamin and protein needs. It is a very dietary dish that adapts perfectly to the needs of people with diabetes.
Recipes for type 2 diabetics: desserts

Be aware that suffering from diabetes does not mean completely stopping the consumption of foods containing carbohydrates! You will find below some examples of desserts recommended for diabetics:

Fruit smoothie: you can prepare your fruit smoothie by yourself using all the fruits you have. It is possible to use bananas, peach, orange or strawberries without forgetting the ice cubes!

Fruit yogurt: enjoy both the benefits of calcium and vitamins by consuming this delicious mixture!

Chocolate cake without added sugar: No added sugar, only cocoa, almonds, flour and eggs. Consider trying them!
Tips for an Easy Diabetic Meal

Use olive oil instead of butters and margarines.

It is recommended to consume more lean meats rather than red meats because the latter are richer in fat.

Hydrate yourself with water instead of sugary drinks.

Consume sweeteners in moderation as they contain allergenic substances.

Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables daily.

Foods that contain a large amount of simple sugars should not be eaten regularly.

Particular attention must be paid to meal times. 3 main meals must be consumed daily with a space of at least 4 hours.
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