Integrate Organic Food into Your Daily Diet: Products That Are worth It!
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Integrate Organic Food into Your Daily Diet: Products That Are worth It!

Natural nutrition is a return to basics which aims to favor high quality ingredients and the least processed possible. Organic is then an obvious option but not always tender with the portfolio and sometimes contested. However, some products are really worth giving a twist to your fridge.

What are the main principles of organic production?

If organic foods are a little more expensive, it is because they are produced in better conditions , with positive impacts on both nature and animals and finally, on our health. Despite sometimes a certain skepticism of consumers, logos and certifications do not fall from the sky: they date back to 1996 in France and are the guarantee of a mode of culture or breeding which does not use chemical products of synthesis.

There is therefore a formal ban on the use of chemical pesticides and the administration of drugs to farm animals. It is a more costly approach for producers and therefore our portfolio, but which ensures respect for:

  • of the environment,
  • climate,
  • the choice of animal breeds and their food.

Organic products: allies against excessive sugar consumption

Besides a diet devoid of pesticides and chemical food additives , organic is also of great help in tracking down sugar. A prepared product, organic or optional, but industrial bios versions g en éralement without sugars cach ed. Soups, sauces, pizzas, spreads, meat-like dishes… are all salty products which nevertheless contain a non-negligible and insidious level of sugar in supermarket brands, even if they are famous. Powerful marketing is in no way a guarantee of quality in the composition of a food.Even if it is always better to favor a home cooking, buying this type of organic extra products helps to significantly reduce our sugar consumption every day.

Beware of traps!

The organic label is a guarantee of quality and not of dietetics . If salty products have the advantage of being devoid of sugar, sweet products can on the other hand contain them: cookies, mueslis, yogurts and dairy creams for example will necessarily contain them. Admittedly, it will generally be whole cane sugar or quality vegetable syrup but that does not mean that we can swallow organic sweets without impact on the silhouette.

But what are the products that are really worth buying organic?
Morning cereals
Rolled oats, rice, soybeans, millet … Whatever your desires at breakfast, fill them with c er Eales raw and completely ètes . Rich in minerals, they will also provide a better sati fl ed to remain seated long and above all, they will be no added sugar. It’s up to you to decorate them with creativity such as fruit, dried fruit, seeds, yogurt or fresh cheese for example.

Oilseed purees
Always in the breakfast register but not only, the oilseeds offer a variety of options: almond, peanut, chestnut, hazelnut… For each, a single ingredient , the nuts in question which are mixed until puree. If they can be expensive, they provide a great supply of good fatty acids and vegetable proteins without any added sugar and are a much healthier alternative to Nutella and other classic spreads.

Certain fruits and vegetables

It is more appropriate basis to turn to organic for all fruits and égumes that s ‘ peel not to limit the ingestion of pesticides. If your budget is tight, however, there are some fruits and vegetables that are known to be more contaminated and can top the list. For others, always remember to peel and wash them thoroughly.

Fruits and vegetables to buy organic first:

  • apples
  • the strawberries
  • Grapes
  • peaches and nectarines
  • kiwis
  • spinach
  • lettuces
  • celery
  • the eggplants
  • cucumbers

To go further: List of the 48 fruits and vegetables most contaminated by pesticides (preferably organic) – American environmental NGO Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Flours and starchy foods made from flour
Who says maximum intake of nutrients says whole flour. The only downside is that non-organic whole flours are very rich in pesticides because they are concentrated in the seed coat. For unrefined flours and all that is wholemeal bread and wholegrain pasta, it is really better to buy them organically. In classic brands, turn to white flour, which is certainly less nutritious but less polluted.

Ready to eat organic?

By favoring these 4 types of organic products you can already boost your health like your line without exploding your budget. If eating organic is not a miraculous solution to all ills, it remains a golden option to improve your diet and prevent certain degenerative diseases stimulated by the chemical molecules that you ingest in excess. Just establish your shopping list and off you go to open your organic kitchen!

Health = Healthy food + Adapted sports activity
If a good diet is an essential pillar to get in shape, the practice of a sporting activity should not be neglected .

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