Weight Loss and Food Rebalancing Program
Balanced Diet,  Weight Loss

Weight Loss and Food Rebalancing Program

Have you decided to lose weight permanently without losing your health? Do you want to tone your line or acquire good nutritional rules? Let yourself be convinced by this unique method.

your weight loss program without depriving yourself
Do you want to regain control but have you been disappointed and damaged by restrictive and unbalanced diets? Thanks to a powerful and unique tool, the solution for a diet that is personally dedicated to you. Different choices and formulas are available to you. A detailed form to be completed beforehand is provided to you at the start. The information on this form allows us to choose with you the formula suited to your needs!

Losing weight: a slimming expertise carried out by professionals
Former sportsman has adapted the intelligence deployed around professional athletes to create a simple and effective slimming program accessible to all. The program has teamed up with a team of doctors, nutritionists, cardiologists, naturopaths, psychologists and physical trainers to establish a complete assessment. It is used to define your own psycho-physical assessment and to follow you throughout your journey.

Sport, nutrition and relaxation are the pillars of the method. Thanks to the support of our professional coaches 7 days a week, you will quickly reach your goal.

Long-term thinning without restriction
why and how a detox

Weight Loss Program is not a diet but a lifestyle. It differs from all other weight loss programs because it adapts to the history of each, to his particular case, his physical and emotional temperament. The proposed yoga sessions are also beneficial for rebalancing the body. What do they bring?

Yoga also helps relieve accumulated stress and regain serenity and lasting balance. Finally, a balanced diet combined with sports sessions and yoga contribute to physical and psychological development.

Weight Loss Program:
Discover the experiences of people who have followed or are still following the program . They all tell how they lost their extra pounds by learning to control their bodies again. They also relate how the programs have enabled them to focus on their diet while respecting the biological rhythms of their bodies.

Our balanced menus are designed to correct the food problem detected in your psycho-physical assessment. They allow your body to relearn how to use the properties of food. By combining a balanced diet with suitable sports exercises, your body will naturally get rid of excess pounds. It will reach in a few months an appearance in harmony with what you really are.

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