Beauty tip: how to rebalance sensitive skin
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Beauty tip: how to rebalance sensitive skin

Beauty tip: how to rebalance sensitive skin

Relaxing sensitive skin requires a few expert tips. Stay calm and follow the guide. Clear, radiant and super-soft skin without imperfections is undoubtedly the ultimate goal of each, the Holy Grail of beauty. But finding the balance between the demands of a hectic lifestyle (and this night addiction to Netflix!) And the needs of your skin is not always easy. According to statistics, most millennia will have sensitive skin at some point between their twenties and thirties. Rebalancing unstable skin is one of the most important beauty challenges at this age, but how do you go about it? Our beauty expert has the best tips and tricks for rebalancing sensitive skin over the long term.

First step: reduce stress
It sounds obvious, but worrying about your skin will only make things worse, as stress can affect your body (and therefore your skin) ‘s ability to heal. Stress could also be part of the problem in the first place, because of what Lee Pycroft, makeup artist and wellness coach, calls “the endless pursuit of perfection”.

“Too high cortisol levels can have a negative impact on our emotional well-being and on our skin,” says Pycroft. “Floods of stress hormones damage cell walls allowing intracellular water to escape, which contributes to common skin problems like acne and sensitive skin.” The solution ? Take the time to relax everyday, whether it’s reading a book, doing yoga, or laughing with friends.

Step 2: Create a pleasant morning care routine
Waking up after snoozing 4 times, taking the fastest shower in the world and swallowing a little black coffee is not a happy morning routine. Instead, consider applying your morning treatment as a wellness ritual, a moment for you. Take your time and choose natural products that nourish and heal your complexion.

  1. Start with a mild cleanser. Try Waso Freshness Cleansing Gel , a 2 in 1 cleansing gel that removes makeup and impurities while protecting skin hydration. Thus, dirt or excess oil that has accumulated overnight can be easily removed. It also contains balancing honey and royal jelly extracts so that your skin does not feel dry afterwards.


  1. Using ingredients of natural origin (loquat leaf for oily skin and carrot for combination skin), WASO Day Correcting Complexion SPF30 is ideal for oily and combination skin. Maximizing the illuminating and plumping qualities of carrots and loquat leaves, its intuitive shade technology allows it to change color to adapt to the complexion of your skin. The results ? Clear and radiant skin with natural health.

And that is all ! Combining these two actions with your routine will help rebalance your skin and also reduce the need for heavy foundations or concealers. If you need more coverage or want to look extra shiny, try SHISEIDO Eye Correcting Veil in these specific areas.

Step 3: All About Applying Skin Care Products
“When you apply skin products in the morning and in the evening, take the time to clear your mind and enter your body through your senses,” advises Pycroft. “It helps you become more aware of the present, which allows you to relax.” She suggests that you massage the products on your skin using small circular movements. “It allows you to become aware of the texture of the product, your bone structure and all the sounds you hear around you,” adds Pycroft.

Step 4: Massage your face like a pro

  1. Apply your day or night cream to the center of the face and massage gently by making upward and outward movements in the shape of angel wings.
  2. Apply the cream to the forehead, massaging gently in small circular movements to smooth the grooves.
  3. Use your thumbs and push outward along the jaw of your chin to your ears to increase definition.
  4. Using your fingertips, push up and lift under your cheekbones to help define your features.
  5. Finally, pat the skin with your fingertips on the forehead and then on the cheeks. Always make upward and outward movements. This stimulates blood circulation and gives you a brighter complexion.

Step 5: The trick is to keep breathing
its simple breathing techniques to soothe stressed skin and rebalance it. Try them on before going to bed, to allow your sleep to work its magic on your skin.

  1. Inhale through your nose using your diaphragm rather than your chest.
  2. Place your hand on your diaphragm to encourage your body to breathe from there. “It’s based on a breathing method called 7/11 breathing,” says Pycroft. ”It is traditionally used to help people with anxiety because it balances oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body, which can be unbalanced by frequent shallow breathing, which results in oxygen overload and decreased carbon dioxide.”
  3. Exhale, which lengthens your breath. Start by lengthening it slightly, then aim to reach a point where the expiration is twice as long as the inspiration.
  4. The longer the expiration, the more the parasympathetic nervous system relaxes. It also helps your senses to bring your mind to the present.
  5. Repeat the exercise for 10 breaths and try to do it every night and whenever you feel stressed or anxious.

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