Morning face care routine VS Evening face care routine
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Morning face care routine VS Evening face care routine

As you well know, the face needs specific daily care. To pamper your skin and display a fresh complexion, it is essential to follow a beauty routine morning and evening. But it is not always easy to find your way among all types of products! Discover our tips for adopting good habits and using the best facials effectively and without wasting time.

Why a beauty routine?

The skin of the face is constantly exposed to external aggressions , from the sun to pollution, it is therefore necessary to take care of it and use suitable care .

It is more sensitive than the rest of the epidermis, it requires daily care to stay clean, healthy and beautiful.

It’s the secret to looking good . Indeed, depending on your skin type (dry, oily or combination), your age and your needs, you will apply different products , which will respond to the problem of your skin.
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Moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging, perfecting complexion, revealing radiance or matifying, our facial treatments meet all expectations. Our experts select the best of plants and natural elements to give you the benefits .
The morning face care routine
When you wake up, it is necessary to prepare your skin well for the day. No matter how much time you have, do not ignore the two essential actions to perform each morning: cleansing and hydration. Got a few more minutes to put on your face? Here are the steps to follow for a complete beauty routine:



During the night , your skin produces sebum and sweat. Even if you have properly cleansed eve, impurities are still present. Washing your face with water is not enough. We recommend that you choose a mild cleaner . The gel-in-foam Infusion Facial Cleanser by L’OCCITANE is suitable for all skin types , even sensitive. Rich in cucumber and thyme , it purifies your face and reduces imperfections . You will fall for its fresh fragrance and its melting texture .


Water limestone tap dries the skin. Our tip? Spray a veil of mist Freshness Moisturizing Aqua RĂ©otier in pure spring water RĂ©otier on the entire face. You can replace it with floral water with the scent of your choice.


Using a tonic lotion is not a mandatory step in your morning skincare routine; it will refine skin texture and tighten pores . Our Essential Mist Immortal Face moisturizes and tones the skin, to start the day off right. It is a precious ally for a radiant complexion and beautiful skin. In addition, it is an ideal step to prepare the skin for the application of other treatments and makeup . Small tip in addition: do not hesitate to place it in the refrigerator for a boost.

4 apply a serum

The serum is used to boost the benefits of your cream . The Immaculate Serum White Queen , for example, is formulated with the complex Reine Blanche plant extracts of natural origin and enriched with Vitamin C . It improves the uniformity, the luminosity and the texture of the epidermis. The mature skin will prefer anti-aging serum.

5 apply a moisturizing cream

Here is the crucial step of your morning beauty routine: moisturizing your skin. Nourish your epidermis using a day cream , with a targeted action according to your problem. Our Light Divine Immortal Cream SPF20 will be perfect for taking care of your skin while fighting against the signs of aging . In addition, products that also contain sun protection (SPF) help your skin to fight against UV rays , summer and winter.

6 apply eye contour care

Do not hesitate to add an eye contour treatment to reduce dark circles and refresh your look , especially if the night has been short. The Queen Blanche Immaculate Eye Care fights fine lines , signs of fatigue , hydrates and brightens the eyes.

The evening face care routine
After a long day , your facial skin needs a moment of care . The evening ritual is just as important as the morning ritual . Here are the essential skin care steps to take before going to bed:


Do you ever go to bed without removing your make-up? Forget this bad habit. Oily skin, combination skin or dry skin, everyone must go through this step to keep your skin healthy and avoid blemishes . Remove your make-up every night! Save time by choosing L’OCCITANE Micellar Water 3-in-1 Infusion . Formulated for all skin types , even sensitive, micellar waters have the advantage of removing make-up from the face, eyes and lips in a single gesture (including waterproof products).


Applying a serum is also important for an overnight routine . It will push the effects of the moisturizer while making you enjoy its benefits ! Our Immortal Reset Night Serum transforms your skin from the first night and makes it more hydrated and radiant.

3 apply a night cream

Choose rich and creamy creams that nourish your epidermis deeply during the night like the Ultra Rich Shea Comfort Face Cream . Enjoy this pleasant sensation and gently massage your face until you feel that the product has penetrated well. Result: very soft skin ready to rest, like you!


Your lips also need to be pampered! Do not hesitate to apply our Ultra Rich Shea Butter Lip Balm for a delicious mouth upon waking.

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