The 10 mistakes that sabotage your beauty routine
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The 10 mistakes that sabotage your beauty routine

Certain errors or bad habits can lead to your daily routine. Focus on these blunders, which once rectified, boost the expected results.

What beauty routine to adopt for a radiant complexion?
Sometimes difficult to navigate, as our skin can change from one day to the next. But taking care of your skin doesn’t take that many steps. We keep in mind the 3 essential gestures, fundamental pillars of his daily ritual. Each evening, we integrate a double cleaning; a gentle exfoliation 2 to 3 times a week, and the application of a care oil every day. Finally, we definitively get rid of certain useless, even counterproductive habits.

Cleaning errors

  • Confuse makeup removal and cleaning:

Every night we get into the habit of a 2-step cleansing ritual. First, apply a makeup remover balm or oil to remove all oily impurities (such as makeup – including long-wearing foundation or waterproof mascara -, sun protection or pollution). Then, clean with a milk, a cleaning foam or a cleaning gel. This thorough cleaning is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It helps restore luminosity and clarity to the complexion while avoiding imperfections, blackheads and large pores. The right gestures: in the 1st step, the oily balm N ° 1 Purity Balm Ren Skincare, supplemented by the Gentle Gel Cleanser Geranium & Bergamotte Grown Alchemist facial cleanser.

  • Too quick make-up removal:

A micellar water cotton does not allow to have a perfectly clean skin. On the contrary, this type of product can even attack and dry the epidermis. We therefore consider the time of skin cleansing as the first step towards a perfect complexion, a real prelude to the treatment that protects the skin from skin aging and boosts the action of anti-aging or anti-blemish treatments applied thereafter. Also in the background, the aggressive and irritating shower gel.

  • Bad makeup removal:

Lipstick dyes can be irritating if they are not removed every night. We do not forget to pamper this fragile area, applying with small circular movements a little balm or cleansing oil on the lips; like for example with the Grapeseed Butter Cleanser Antipodes.

  • Badly dry your skin:

After the cleansing phase, you think of gently drying your skin by dabbing it with a soft towel or handkerchief. This will prevent dehydration and sensitivities.

  • Rub and therefore attack:

There is no point in rubbing your skin when cleaning. Too strong gestures can alter the hydrolipidic barrier and damage the protective envelope of the skin. The product and a gentle massage are enough to remove all impurities and dead cells. To facilitate rinsing (always with lukewarm water), use the Set of 7 Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Bamboo Muslin Wipes to remove make-up.

Mistakes related to facial hydration

  • Think that the lotion is useless:

The tonic lotion has changed: it is no longer a simple rinse aid. More concentrated in active ingredients than thermal water, it will serve as a penetration vector for moisturizers. Thus “moistened”, the skin absorbs the active ingredients better and becomes less greedy in face cream. It can also be applied during the day, over makeup, for an immediate radiance boost. Easy to use, we choose a spray formula like the Multi-Active Toner Dermalogica. For fans of natural skincare, concentrated floral water is also possible such as Tata Harper’s Hydrating Floral Essence, boosted with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. Baby skin effect and soothing action guaranteed after application!

  • Neglecting hydration of the neck and hands:

The neck and back of the hands are areas sensitive to external aggressions. Likely to present easily brown spots or a loss of firmness and elasticity, it is therefore thought to moisturize the skin well, by lowering the application of its care products.

  • Use too many products:

Whether in terms of quantity of products or in number of different products, there is no point in overloading your skin. The risk: send too many messages and make the skin sensitive.

  • Confuse nutrition and hydration:

If the skin shows signs of flaking, small wrinkles (and looks a little “powdery” on the surface), it is a sign of a lack of water. We therefore boost hydration with a light plumping serum, based on vegetable hyaluronic acid as with the Back to Life Pai Skincare. If the skin is rough or rough, we bring good fat with a nourishing care like the Susanne Kaufmann Cold Cream Intensive. In all cases, we think of exfoliating to sublimate the skin, maximize results and stimulate cell renewal.

  • Modifying your beauty routine too often:

The wrong good idea? Transform your entire beauty routine as soon as you have the slightest change locally (a button, a wrinkle): it is better to adopt targeted treatments to put locally. For example, with the Clarifying Spot Solution Tata Harper when small pimples point their nose or the Antioxidant Perfector Serum Patyka from the first wrinkles.

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