Weight Loss and Extreme Slimming Bodybuilding Program
Weight Loss

Weight loss and extreme slimming bodybuilding program

A woman weight loss program tailored to your needs. All the advice to feel better about yourself and do the right workouts.

3, 5 or 10 pounds to lose… how to lose weight quickly? The good reasons for losing weight in women are many and varied: feeling better about your body, after a period of relaxation or excess, after pregnancy, for health reasons or in anticipation of an event for which we want to be on top.

Let us support you with this slimming sport program where all the advice and tips will be given to you , from the choice of exercises, to the intensity, frequency or duration of the workouts.


  1. Principles of slimming training for weight loss
    What bodybuilding exercises to lose weight?
    Cardio training intensity for weight loss
    What intensity in bodybuilding for weight loss?
    What training frequency?
    What training time?
  2. Fitadium Slimming and Weight Loss Program
  3. What supplements for weight loss?
    Principles of slimming training for weight loss
    Fitadium has developed a weight loss fitness program specially designed for women . This weight loss program in the gym is a workout plan that includes both cardio exercises to eliminate fat and strength training to tone the figure .

You do not know how to start your weight loss, or what weight loss exercises to choose in the gym? The woman slimming program presents all the techniques to achieve sustainable and reasoned weight loss .

What to remember from your slimming weight loss training program:

Training: 70% cardio , 30% bodybuilding
60% basic exercises and 40% isolation exercises
use of light loads
a training frequency of 5 times a week
a medium intensity
a session lasting a maximum of 1 hour 15 minutes

What bodybuilding exercises to lose weight?
Doing cardio is the basis for losing weight and burning as much reserve fat as possible . But weight training for weight loss is complementary to avoid wasting muscles.

This Extreme Slimming Weight Loss Training Program offers training consisting of 70% cardio and 30% weight training. However, be careful not to practice cardio and strength training on the same day .

How to integrate cardio into your program?
Day 1 Cardio
Day 2 Thighs / Buttocks / Abs / Waist
Day 3 Cardio
Day 4 Back / Shoulders / Biceps / Triceps
Day 5 Cardio + Abs / Sizes
Day 6 and 7 Rest
Warming up
Warming up this weight loss program for women in the gym is an important step not to be overlooked. It prepares your muscles for effort and prevents injuries. For cardio:

Ride a 5 minute bike, treadmill or other machine at moderate speed.
Before the weight training session, the warm-up will consist of practicing:

5 min of cardio of your choice (treadmill, bike, etc.)
10 baton shoulders movements, front back and alternating arms and shoulders right left
10 stick squats
10 good morning stick
10 hip rotations on one leg, on each side
10 ankle rotations on each side
Cardio exercises
Cardio exercises are recommended for eliminating fat mass. This training program emphasizes cardio training to promote fat loss as a priority . This type of program combining cardio and woman gym exercises will both target fat and strengthen muscles .

You have the choice between all kinds of cardio activities: cycling / rowing machine / elliptical trainer / treadmill / jump rope / stepper… The important thing is to make the heart work so to respect the maximum recommended heart rate (60 to 65% of FCM) which is the best frequency for losing fat. The cardio should last at least 30 minutes.

Bodybuilding: basic exercises VS isolation
This free weight loss program consists of 40% basic exercises that will activate the metabolism and trigger a hormonal response favorable to fat burning . The 60% isolation exercises consist in working a muscle in particular in order to draw muscles and firm up your figure .

Cardio training intensity for weight loss
The moderate intensity cardio exercises of this weight loss sport program are to be preferred to burn as much reserve fat as possible . In fact, the longer the effort lasts, the more fat you burn, so it is best not to work too much at high frequency to be able to maintain a long effort.

This is the physiological threshold for lipolysis (where we burn fat). This is why the average FCM recommended is between 60 and 65%. To properly manage your cardio and respect the heart rates recommended for weight loss and muscle building, you will need to apply the percentages that keep you in the lipolysis threshold. You will need to calculate your FCM to follow this extreme slimming program, or see our detailed article on maximum heart rate.

What intensity in bodybuilding for weight loss?
Medium to light loads
In a women’s gym training, the intensity of the weight training sessions will be moderate. For this, the loads used are light to medium , to give priority to the volume of work.

Once the exercises are well mastered, to add intensity without lengthening the sessions, we introduce intensification techniques : the superset at moderate intensity, always with light loads.

Number of repetitions and series
The goal in this woman slimming program being to burn a maximum of fat, we will promote the maximum of repetitions with light loads to draw the muscle without changing its volume :

3 or 4 sets of 30 or more repetitions for large muscles (glutes, thighs) that burn a lot of calories.
For the other exercises, we will preferably do 5 to 6 sets of 15 reps.
The interest is to repeat these workouts regularly, alternating them with cardio activities .

The break times of this weight loss fitness program are limited (1 min to 75 sec) because the muscle must have enough time to recover but stay within a sufficient stimulation threshold to develop, this will give the intensity of your session. The abs recover more easily, that’s why we work in series to the max and that a 30 second break between two series is enough.

What training frequency?
To lose weight and build muscle, as the loads are light and the intensity moderate, you can afford a high training frequency . The training volume is 5 sessions per week , which allows not to lengthen the sessions too much while burning as much fat as possible. It is important to give the muscles time to recover with 2 consecutive days of rest .

What training time?
The weight loss weight training session will last 1 hour and 15 minutes maximum per session to burn as many calories as possible without causing excessive catabolism , that is to say, without causing muscle wasting or stressing the muscles. The muscles must recover between two sessions.

A too long muscle strengthening session would have the effect of “stressing” the muscles, promoting the synthesis of adipose tissue and water retention, due to a significant release of cortisol. The 1 month weight loss program is intended to be followed for at least 4 weeks, but it can be extended without risk.

Fitadium Slimming and Weight Loss Program
Summary of your program
Objective: weight loss and slimming
Duration: 4 weeks
Supplements: extreme slimming program

Session 1: Cardio
Moderate intensity cardio Practice 45min to 1h at 60% of the FCM (Maximum Heart Rate)
Session 2: Lower body
Vacuum bar squats 4 x max
Vacuum bar slots 4 x max
Legs extension / Legs curl 3 x 12-12 reps (superset)
Adductors / Abductors 3 x 15-15 reps (superset)
Crunch 6 x max
Sheathing board 5 x fail
Bust rotation sitting with stick on shoulders 6 x 100 reps
Session 3: Cardio
Variable intensity cardio Alternate 15 min at 60% of the FCM, 15 min at 75% of the FCM and 15 min at 65% of the FCM
Session 4: Upper body
Vertical draw in front 5 x 15 reps
Seated rowing 4 x 15 reps
Side elevations 5 x 12 reps
Alternating curls 6 x 12 reps
High pulley bar extension 4 x 15 reps
High pulley rope extension 4 x 15 reps
Session 5: Abs / Waist + Cardio
Bust rotation sitting with stick on shoulders 6 x 100 reps
Roman chair 6 x max
Sheathing board 5 x fail
Moderate intensity cardio Practice 45 min of cardio at 60% of the FCM

Superset Nutrition
The coaches’ opinion: Whether you play a sport, or are rather thin with a little belly, you can act to find a flat stomach. This program allows you to lose weight mainly on the waist and stomach.
60.5 € 49.90 €
What supplements for weight loss?
When you have lost your first pounds, you can then continue to consolidate your results with the following bodybuilding fat loss programs:

Thighs – Buttocks Slimming Program : to target a recalcitrant overweight located in the thighs and buttocks and get rid of cellulite.
Flat stomach slimming program: a more specific program to eliminate stomach fat and slim down.
Reshaping Fitness Program: sculpt your body following a precise routine combining bodybuilding, cardio and fitness classes.
The main nutrients to help lose weight and build muscle are protein and fat burners . Proteins prevent muscle wasting due to diet during a weight loss program and have a very appetite suppressant effect when trying to lose weight.

Fat burners are powerful slimming accelerators , either by their thermogenic effect, the additional energy they provide, their draining properties or their appetite-modifying ingredients.

Weight training for weight loss is good, but it is not enough. If you have an excess of calories per day, you will spend a little more by moving more, but not enough to create a real deficit if your caloric intake is high.

It is the combination of sport and diet that gives the best results for burning calories. To get into good habits, check out your special diet and weight loss program .

Need support to progress and pass a course? Fancy a tailor-made program corresponding to your objectives? Fitadium coaches support you with personalized monitoring of your training, diet or both.

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